Friday, December 14, 2007

Glenn Beck Says Ron Paul Movement Hijacked by Anarchists

Here's the transcript of George Noory's interview of Glenn Beck on Coast to Coast AM which aired November 23rd.

George Noory: See, I get emails from people who say you attack Ron Paul supporters...

Glenn Beck: Let me take the Ron Paul supporters. You know me George!

George Noory: Of course, I know you well!

Glenn Beck: I'm probably THIS CLOSE to Ron Paul in opinions. You probably don't have a major talk show host that is close to Ron Paul in ideology as me.

Here's what happened. First of all, I never said that. A GUEST said that! The second part of that is, I stand by what I did say!And that is, I believe this Ron Paul campaign has been hijacked by radical elements on the left and the right! People that are ANARCHISTS. Now that doesn't mean that the average Ron Paul supporter is that. By no stretch of the imagination do I believe that! But there are those elements.

And it's not just the Ron Paul movement. Quite frankly, there are members of this kind of movement in the Democratic party as well. We just have to be very, very careful of aligning ourselves with ABSOLUTE ANARCHISTS or RADICALS. Now, that doesn't mean, and I've tried to make this very clear as well, that, I don't think Ron Paul is a radical, I don't think Ron Paul is wanting anarchy, and I don't think the average Ron Paul supporter does! But you can't tell me that there aren't those that are hiding behind Ron Paul that want that!