Monday, January 7, 2008

Art Bell Says "Fox News Sucks...What the Hell are They Afraid Of?"

"Fox News sucks...That's what I think....You know, this is just ridiculous! Ron Paul, a man I've interviewed many times, got more of a percentage by a lot, than Rudy Giuliani, but Fox News won't let him in the debate. What the hell are they afraid of?"

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Muckraker Report's Ed Haas: Writing in Ron Paul

We're starting to see more people catching onto the Ron Paul write-in movement. Ed Haas, of the stellar publication the Muckraker Report, has written a brief article indicating his intentions to vote for Ron Paul via write-in vote, in the event he doesn't win the Republican nomination, as well as valuable "How To" info you'll need to know in order to Vote Write In.

December 24, 2007 – Presidential hopeful Congressman Ron Paul does not need to win the republican nomination to earn my vote. He does not need to win the nomination to earn your vote either. I am voting for Ron Paul for President of the United States regardless of whether he wins his party’s nomination or not. Imagine that! It’s called the Ron Paul Factor! The fools at Fox News might want to take note. They just cannot stop the Ron Paul vote.

Many in the corporate media, most at the direction of their handlers, have attempted repeatedly to write Congressman Paul out of the script. First they tried to ignore him, hoping he would just fade away. But as his support grew, the corporate media knew that its bias would be seen as obviously blatant if they did not cover the Paul campaign. So they conceded, and proceeded to cover the candidate almost always in a negative light. CNN’s Glenn Beck, much to my surprise, recently proved to be an exception to the rule by conducting what I thought was a fair and thoughtful hour-long interview with Ron Paul. On the other hand, the obnoxious bore, or boar if you prefer, Tim Russert from Meet the Press is the latest Ron Paul interviewer that did his best to portray Paul negatively.

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