Friday, May 4, 2007

1st GOP Debate - Ron Paul With a Strong Showing

The internet is a-buzz today with talk of the stong showing Ron Paul put on in the first Republican debate last night in the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. Sticking to his Constitutionalist guns, Ron Paul discussed such issues as the War in Iraq, the IRS/taxes and what the overall role of government should be.

Last night, at the very end of the first GOP debate at the Reagan Library, just before MSNBC cut to commercial, MSNBC announced the Ron Paul had won the online MSNBC poll asking people to rate the candidates based on their performance, with a 41% positive approval rating (note: as of Friday 4:20pm EST Ron Paul is still the highest rated candidate with 32% positive approval rating).

Ron Paul's campaign issued a press release early Friday, declaring Ron Paul the winner of the debate, based on the MSNBC poll results.

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