Wednesday, September 12, 2007's Mike Warner: Will Ron Paul or Tyranny Prevail?

by Mike Warner

Ron Paul has emerged as the lone wolf of the Republican Party, speaking out against the war in Iraq. Standing up for the constitution, he is dismissed by the rest of the Republicans running for President in 2008 as nothing more than a crack pot. In a speech given at the Reagan Library (posted on my site), Dr Paul clearly lays out how the American peoples wallets and bank accounts are being raped by our own government. Yet, do Americans pay any attention to the Ron Paul message?

A large percentage of Americans no longer even vote. A right our forefathers fought and died for. Many Americans are dissatisfied, feeling that it no longer matters who gets voted into office. I have talked to many citizens of this great country and have been told many times, "it does not matter who gets into office, they are all crooks." When we look at the corruption and ineptitude of the last seven presidencies, one must wonder. It is said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Nothing from those seven presidencies indicates otherwise.

In the upcoming elections, every candidate with the exception of one, has flip flopped on major issues, been involved with corruption, pandered to special interest groups and, or sold their votes to the highest bidder. Not willing to run with the rest of the pact and wallow in their corruption, Ron Paul stands as a lone wolf. With support ranging across all party lines from Democrats to Republicans to Libertarians to Independents, the dedicated supporters cheer the good doctor on. They spread the word that an honest man, a man with integrity, a man who believes in the ideals that America was founded on, is willing to lead our country.

Will Americans recognize and become invigorated by this honest man? Will America enter into a new age of peace, and prosperity as intended by our founding fathers? OR Will the Neo-cons be enabled to continue their quest for empire building and world domination? Or will the lefts socialist agenda move forward?

One thing for certain, the next year will be an exciting one in the world of politics. The future of world wide power hinges on the United States Presidential Election of 2008. Americans must be awakened to this realization and be encouraged to once again, participate in the election process.

Thomas Jefferson said, "When the Government fears the people, we have Liberty...when the people fear the Government we have Tyranny!" Will we live in tyranny and by virtue of complacency force that tyranny on the rest of the world?

Mike Warner attended the University of Maryland and Central Texas College. He's a combat veteran of Desert Storm, with the U.S. Army. A former construction company owner. A father and husband. The owner of The Political Coffeehouse.

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