Monday, July 2, 2007

Ron Paul Celebration of Life and Liberty Party (Video - June 30th)

This past Saturday, June 30th, Iowans for Tax Relief and the Iowa Christian Alliance held their Presidential Candidates Forum, which intentionally excluded Ron Paul & Rudolph Giuliani (Giuliani for good reason, Ron Paul; not so much).

So, in response to the controversial exclusion, the Ron Paul campaign rented out a room right next to the forum and had a "Celebration of Life and Liberty" party! The party was a huge success, attracting at least 600 people as reported by the mainstream media, or as many as 1000 as reported by actual people who attended the party. Who do you trust?

Either way, Ron Paul showed his competition that his supporters aren't basement dwelling, 20-something losers living with their grandma. The "Celebration of Life and Liberty" party was a bigger draw than the forum accross the hall featuring 6 other Republican candidates, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Ron Paul Revolution can't be written off. Deal with it.

Here's the footage of the event:

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