Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sean Hannity Outsmarted by Ron Paul Supporter

Neo-Con shill Sean Vanity, errr Hannity, has a knack of hanging up on callers who support Ron Paul on his radio program. Normally Paul supporters come right out of the gate, guns blazing, confronting Hannity on Ron Paul related issues (also known as common sense).

This time was different. This Ron Paul supporter disguised himself as a man un-decided on which canditate he'd support, going so far as to calling Hannity a "great American" like most of his boot-licking audience tends to do upon introducing themselves. Little did Hannity know, he was in store for a Ron Paul sucker punch.

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LivFree Ordeye said...

Well I think this guy did an amazing job of getting the word out on Hannity's show - Great timing and patience - It probably won't happen again, because in order to trip Hannity up, he would first have to wake up from his incoherent babbling about the dream world in which he lives. Meanwhile, Ron Paul continues to skyrocket toward the biggest upset in American History!