Monday, August 13, 2007

Comedy Central's Indecision 2008

Look out folks, Comedy Central has just launched their Indecision 2008 website, injecting much needed comic relief into the 2008 presidential race.

Indecision 2008 features all kinds of fun stuff, including high quality video of Ron Paul interviews from The Daily Show and The Colbert Report which will surely convert some blue-state liberals to Ron Paul Libertarians.

Below is the June 4th Ron Paul interview from The Daily Show. In my humble opinion, Ron Paul did a really great job getting his message through the overall humor Jon Stewart likes to sprinkle into the interview process. Contrary to most interviews Jon Stewart does with the awful Neo-Con elitists, there were no hints of negativity or subtle jabs at his belief systems. Ron Paul's voting record is as perfect as you can get, 100% based on the Constitution, and Jon Stewart knew that, providing Dr. Paul with the respect he so rightly deserved.

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