Friday, August 3, 2007

Operation Mockingbird Controlled Associated Press Alters Ron Paul Article

If the below article isn't the doings of the fascist Operation Mockingbird program, I'm not sure what is. Looks like the fine Americans at the CIA are concerned about their job security, reminiscent of JFK and his desire to "splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds" (Ron Paul has expressed his desire to do the same). Two years later, elements of the CIA assasinated JFK.

Ron Paul Made the front page of about an hour ago with this story under the title

GOP’s Ron Paul has Unusual Appeal

Then, 11 minutes later, the headline is changed to

Ron Paul remains longshot for GOP nom

Other than that, the 2 articles are identical.

But notice the incredible difference a headline can make. It looks like someone at Yahoo (or more likely at the AP) decided after the fact to push their own political agenda. The story went from the “Unusual Appeal of the favorite of those looking for a candidate outside the political mainstream” to a marginalized “Longshot”.

Isn’t the power of the written word Amazing? How, in the middle of the night (literally 2:11 am EST), a political hack can turn a positive story negative with just a few keystrokes.

Also note that this was NOT done to get more clicks or attract more visitors to the story. No one with half a brain could argue that “Ron Paul remains longshot for GOP nom” would get more clicks or reads than “GOP’s Ron Paul has Unusual Appeal.” This was 100% politically motivated.

I guarantee you that the word “Remains” in a headline does not sell newspapers. How is it news if something “remains”? Isn’t that the opposite of news? Isn’t it the antithesis of a magnetic headline?

The mystery is - Who made the change? Was it the Article’s Author, LIZ AUSTIN PETERSON Associated Press Writer, Yahoo, an editor at the Associated press . . . Smurfs? Who decided that the “Remains Longshot” title was the better way to paint this story than “Unusual Appeal”?

The above was taken from our friends at the great SEO Blog, SEO Blackhat. Thank you Mr. Jaan Kanellis from the Glass City for the heads up.

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