Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ron Paul Interview from The Colbert Report (Video - June 13th)

Here's The Colbert Report footage of the Ron Paul interview which originally aired last night.

Click here for pictures of the rally that took place for Ron Paul just before taping.

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dgvmd said...

Dr. Ron Paul possesses integrity, consistency, and the intellectual honesty that makes him the only worthy candidate for president in 2008. It is outrageous to me that all the republican candidates, except Dr. Paul, endorsed a preemptive strike against Iran with nuclear weapons, if felt necessary. They represent an extension of the Bush-Cheney war mongering and continue to defend a colossal mistake. Furthermore they seem to want to escalate the conflict. Dr. Paul’s staunch opposition to this stance and his compelling arguments against such flawed foreign policy and his profound insight into the reasons for the proliferation of terrorism make him the ideal person to fight the ‘ War on Terror’. He is truly the defender of the constitution and a patriot and is the only individual who can reverse the downward spiral of this great nation. It is therefore not surprising that so many Americans stand behind him and will prove that we still have a democracy and power does not rest with corrupt politicians and the corporations that finance them.