Thursday, June 28, 2007

UPDATE: What Can Search Engines Tell Us About The Presidential Candidates?

Here's an update of my May 17th analysis that looked at how many daily searches each Presidential candidate's name get's in Google, Yahoo Search & MSN Search.

While the estimated daily searches before were based on data from February 17th through May 17th, this new analysis looks at data from March 28th through June 28th.

As you can see, Ron Paul has shot to the top of the Republican candidate list and now holds the #2 position for both Republican & Democratic candidates, just 8 searches per day behind Mrs. Clinton:

To find out how the "Predict" number is calculated, click here.

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Solar Rhythmz said...

In Praise of Ron Paul!!!!

As J.Edgar Hoover once said:

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."

He knew because he was part of the conspiracy.It is called the "Great Work." This is the Satanic Empire.

I am amazed at the level of ignorance displayed by citizens . The Republic was founded by truely good people that read & spoke truth & common sense. It's that simple. Read the documents of your freinds and your enemies. The Patriot Act & the John Warner Act have far worse powers than any dictator in history.Stalin , Mao & Atilla did not make such laws nor did Pol Pot or Hitler they just did what they did. Bush Chaney have become the first Dictators to make the acts they will commit legal. You are going to be executed under martial law for not agreeing with President or showing disloyalty or criticizing the Government or committting any Offence considered a felony at the time.Please read your own Laws.

"There are none so blind that can not see."

T.V. is Evil as are Games Consoles , death metal , gangster rap etc etc . All these sub cultures were designed by experts in the Hegelian Dialectic.They create division seperation & loss of community. The Internet was designed to Catch people hence NET. Hence Porn is the used aspect of the Internet up to 90% of traffic. Is that what the founding father envisioned?

What is a WEB? A very cleaverly spun silk trap by which the blood sucking unfeeling killer can catch the flapping panicing silly moths or shit eating flies or other creepy insects. How many dark sites are available to the people?

The Internet is also a Network of Universal Education for the intelligent. The whole world at your finger tips.It doesn't take a brain surgeon to work it out. Celebrity worship, Sports ,& Crass assinine T.V. Evangelists are no brainers. They are Money makers & distractions only. After all isn't it said in the Bible that Money is the Root of all Evil? Yet most Americans love money above all else. Money is success .Success is Power. Pure Satanism .
Didn't Jesus ,Yeshua push over the lenders & money changers? Did he not say love thy enemy love thy neighbor?
And Buddha gave up his Kingdom & rejected materialism. The middle way is not abject poverty but being comfortable.Thats all.

Psychopaths have no remorse no concience & love money ,power ,perversion, deception & suffereng, especially torture & death.Does that sound familiar ? Skull & Bones Government,Child Torture now legalised. Massive Fraud , open Treason. Wars ,Collapsed economies & A New World Order. Which surprise surprise is the Title of a trestise attributed to Adolf Hitler. The C.F.R. Trilateral Commison et al openly publish documents which admire Pol Pot ,Stalin, Hitler & other Genocidal Maniacs. Psychopaths enjoy torment by leaving clues ,puzzels or very obvious leads as to the Agenda , "Great Work", Masterplan, Game or Act. Psychiatry states that the most pychopathic individuals are Actors & Politicians.Politicians are the highest graded.

But not all Representaives of the People are Psychopaths. Ghandi ,Thomans Paine, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson & Ron Paul are most definatley not. But all Dictators ,Tyrants ,Emperors or "Gods" most certainly are.

Those that know not their History are destined to repeat it.

July 4, 2007 11:35 AM