Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ron Paul KILLS in 3rd GOP Debate on CNN (June 5th - Video)

Vote for Ron Paul in these major "who won the debate?" polls:

1. CNN Poll
2. MSNBC Poll
3. AOL Poll
4. ABC Poll
5. More polls will be added, check back later!

Here's a chart detailing who was alotted what amount of time to speak at the debate last night. Looks like CNN is just as un-fair and un-balanced as the Fox News debate was.

In other GOP debate news:

1. Corporate Media Sidelines Ron Paul Again - Texas Congressman put in shadows while establishment shills lavished with time and attention, yet Paul still wins post-debate polls.

2. 3rd GOP Debate Most Staged Yet - Highly controlled forum lends propaganda to establishment darlings' grandstanding, with prescreened questions and disproportionate time for every candidate.

3. 9/11 Truth Reporter Arrested for Asking Rudy Staffer a Simple Question After Debate - Matt Lepacek of the 9/11 Truth outlet confronts Rudy Giuliani pollster Ed Goeas in the spin room after the 6/5/07 Republican debate in Manchester. He is arrested; later, his colleague Luke Rudowski is led outside by police. Rudowski is let go and explains what just happened.

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