Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Ron Paul Not Being Well Represented in "Scientific Polls"

It's funny; looking at all the major Republican candidate polls, whether it be the major television network polls, USA Today polls, Washington Post polls or New York Times polls, you'd think Ron Paul doesn't have a single supporter in the entire United States of America.

Why is this? It's quite obvious to anyone who uses the internet more than 15 minutes per day that Ron Paul has a large base of support in the 35 and under crowd. Mr. Proloy of USAElectionPolls.com seems to have the answer.

Proloy says "It is not sufficient enough to match up percentages. There is a large number of students away from home in college, many youth do not use a landline, and many voters that were previously disenfranchised with the political process that are likely to flock to Ron Paul."

"The age of land-line phones is setting. More people everyday are canceling their hard-line phones for cellular phones, which could explain a lot" said Anthony DeLelles, founder of VoteWriteIn.com. "If you look at all the noteworthy polls conducted entirely online, Ron Paul is in the top three GOP candidates 99% of the time, often times in the #1 position, blowing the other candidates out of the water. Old-school radio pundits like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh love to say Ron Paul supporters are gaming these polls, and point out their un-scientific backbones. I'd ask them how scientific a Gallup pole that relies entirely on land-line calls is. Not very scientific in my opinion. In the new age of the internet, these dinosaur polling services need to look to broaden their so called scientific means of collecting data."

USAElectionPolls.com is a centralized location for all of the latest national and state polls and is one of the most visited websites of its kind according to Quantcast Internet ratings.

For more on Ron Paul's natural boost, go to http://www.usaelectionpolls.com/2008/articles/ron-paul-natural-boost.html

To see how Ron Paul has done in all the national and state polls, go to http://www.usaelectionpolls.com/2008/candidates/Ron-Paul.html

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